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Acupuncture Treatment

Welcome to Ocean Ki Acupuncture, Inc, a Rhode Island Health Department-accredited Acupuncture treatment clinic that uses a contemporary approach to traditional Japanese and Chinese medicine to assist in restoring the body's energy (qi/ki) and enhancing its natural well-being. Our team of well-trained acupuncturists use ancient healing techniques to diagnose the underlying cause of imbalances and deliver the most effective acupuncture treatment required to restore Yin-Yang balance to the body, which brings health and well-being to the body.

At Ocean Ki Acupuncture, we specialize in both Japanese and Chinese Traditional acupuncture, both of which have been known to provide safe, effective, and best results. Japanese acupuncture, also known as Hari treatments, focuses on bolstering the body's energy through the meridians to help the body perform at its best, fight sickness, decrease inflammation, and eliminate pain. Chinese Traditional Medicine acupuncture is one of the oldest known forms of treatment that focuses on restoring the body's balance (Yin-Yang) and stimulating the flow of Qi in the body by inserting fine needles in specific body points.

Our treatment options include not just traditional needle acupuncture but also needle-free Japanese acupuncture treatments such as a teishin (a blunt device placed on the surface of the skin that re-directs Ki), combinations of magnets, and/or thread moxa (okyu). Electro-acupuncture, which involves the stimulation of acupuncture sites utilizing needles and electric current, is also offered to increase Qi circulation and improve healing.

Acupuncture can provide a variety of benefits such as rapid and considerable therapy outcomes, whole bodily health, improved immune system, reduced levels of anxiety and stress, and assistance in the treatment of various conditions. Additionally, it can be used as a supplemental therapy approach to current treatments such as psychiatry, psychology and infertility treatments, as well as to assist those facing addictions like smoking and alcoholism.

At Ocean Ki Acupuncture, we strive to provide the best acupuncture treatments to help patients live a healthy and fulfilling life. Contact us to schedule your appointment today. We look forward to walking with you on your wellness journey.


  • Most economical treatment option. 

  • Rapid & considerable therapy outcomes. 

  • Achieve whole bodily health as acupuncture improves the Yin-Yang balance of the body throughout treatment. 

  • 100% natural, hence without adverse effects. 

  • Effectively strengthen the immune system 

  • Effectively clears the body's meridians, restores Yin-Yang balance, and helps to expel the body's negative energy 

  • Treat headaches and toothache. 

  • Reduce levels of anxiety and stress. 

  • Assist in the treatment of gastrointestinal and bladder disorders. 

  • Manage menopausal discomfort. 

  • Back and sciatic pain relief 

  • Improve sleep quality. 

  • Aid in weight reduction, illness prevention, and health maintenance. 

  • Patients may get acupuncture and other treatments concurrently, making this a medically-friendly approach.

Today, take advantage of exceptional complementary therapy.

Seeking the most effective Japanese and Chinese acupuncture treatments? Visit our location and see for yourself what we have to offer. Our location is 136a Westmain Road, Middletown, Rhode Island, United States. To inquire about our services, please fill out our online contact form.

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